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Being a fibromyalgia and endometriosis sufferer I have completed level 1 and 2 reiki courses and try to self practice daily. During periods of severe pain and especially debilitating flare ups in my arms I  have had times where my self practice isn't an option and have been blessed that Irene came into my life during a particularly dreadful flare up that lasted a few months.  After a few sessions with her, the deep arthritic pain in my arms and hands has gone and I am able to grip better and get on with normal life again! The sessions have also deepened my journey with reiki too which has been amazing, I call Irene my little Angel as she has helped me so much and in so many ways! She has a really warm and caring heart and is so thoughtful in how she approaches each session and possesses a great knowledge of the practice too. I would recommend her to anyone but especially people suffering from chronic conditions because her practice, as well as healing physical symptoms also helps to promote a positive mental outlook which helps in coping long term. Thank you Irene ! 💚


Irene has the amazing talent to calm me down. After a Reiki session with her, I feel relaxed and grounded. My confidence is back and I am full of energy and ready to face the world again.


I couldn't recommend Reiki with Irene more highly - the atmosphere she creates and the care she takes in the sessions make for a profound and beautiful experience. I hadn't experienced Reiki before, but felt relaxed and in good hands throughout - and found it an enlightening and calming experience - I came away feeling more balanced, and with a better understanding of myself.


Irene has this very calming and soothing energy and I  really connected with her. I always feel very grounded after the sessions and  more connected with my heart and my true self.


This was my 1st reiki session ever and it was awesome! Irene is a very kind soul and made a sincere effort to connect with my energy..since i was open to it and felt the connection, it was amazing and very powerful! i told her some of the things that i was struggling with and what chakras felt unbalanced and i felt strong energy surges and vibrations in those chakras and lighter vibrations/energy surges in the chakras that were more balanced. The guided meditation with music was magical as well and helped set the mood. i left feeling refreshed, balanced, and more grounded (as my root chakra was very underactive before). i walked barefoot in the grass while drinking some tea after and it felt amazing i felt very connected to the earth. it is over an hour later and i still am feeling a rush of clean beautiful energy through my chakras. I feel very content and not anxious (which is how i usually feel). I will definitely be booking more sessions with her and would highly recommend to any one! much love to Irene!


I had a beautiful Reiki session with Irene! She begins the session with a grounding meditation that is so soothing. Her energy is radiant and inviting I immediately felt comfortable with her. I felt refreshed and clear when our session was complete! I highly recommend her.


This was my first ever Reiki session and it was amazing. I was definitely in need of the alignment and realized it even more so afterwards. The energy clearing was so healing and clearing. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Highly recommend Irene Breschi reiki healer and practitioner!!!


I had my first healing session last week with Irene and it was such a moving experience. The music was nice and relaxing and the meditation session was soothing what was most moving was the main session. I felt floaty at times and could feel a presence over me, it felt at some points as though there was somebody next to me. Several times I felt what I can only describe as a nourishing wave flow through every cell of my body and a nice shiver through my spine. It really left me without words after I felt very incredible. Looking forward to another session soon.

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